I’ve been an artist since birth. I’ve always been drawn to the mysterious, monstrous and macabre. The thrill I get from a chilly breeze through the leaf strewn streets on a spooky October night has always been my “happy place”. I love Halloween from many perspectives. My work reflects where my mood and memories are flowing at the time. I might create a cute misunderstood monster or a gory zombie. I work full-time as a pet portrait artist these days and it absorbs a lot of my time. Unfortunately this means I will be posting new products spastically throughout the year as they are completed. I don’t have a shop where I have the room to be messy or work with anything that gives off too much odor yet so I don’t cast from molds, but am looking into it. Everything I do currently is a one-of-a-kind, unique, handmade piece. I will be doing some things in repetition using the same base to sculpt from but each final piece will stand alone. Please check back periodically for updates and new products. I have several in the works in various stages right now and hope to wrap up at least one per month. Below are a few pictures of work I’ve sold last year. (accept the Batman armor-that is mine, I made it from EVA foam and would have to be offered a pretty high dollar to part with it)

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