Kwirky n Kreepy Monster & Creatures! Hand-drawn, colored, cut and created hard acrylic accessory. Every piece is done one at a time, so please allow for variations that add to their quirkiness. These are not mass produced. So each piece is unique but I do my best to match them to a companion piece.

I have a handful already-created Creatures, but will mostly make them to order.

The cool thing is they can be made into earrings, necklace pendants, magnets, hair barrettes and who knows what else. Another awesome feature is you can mix-n-match. For example, you can purchase 2 Bride OR 1 Bride & 1 Frank (Frankenstein’s Monster) earrings. You not only can choose your own set, but have the option of selecting what format. Ex: 2 Bride earrings and 1 Frank pendant plus necklace. 



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