We are horror fans, love art and admire the hell out of bloody amazing tattoos. INKfection Collection swirled around in our heads for a while and then was spawned and spit out into the world to satiate dark tastes like ours. Why not make amazingly bloody art centered around the tattoos of other horror fans? We hadn’t seen it done before, so we knew if we found a way to do it, you all would want one, hence our tagline, “We flay it… you display it!”

We also own Little Jars of Horror (www.littlejarsofhorror.com) and a brick and mortar retail Monster and Horror store called Ghoulish Mortals in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles. (www.ghoulishmortals.com) We have the INKfection Collection for sale on Etsy and at our store (where we can photograph your tattoo in person). INKfection Collection will always be at all the various horror conventions in the Midwest area.

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