The definition of whimsical:playful,fanciful,imaginative,full of sudden wishes or spontaneous flights.  Impish definition:playful and mischievous.  My shop name does a pretty good job describing several of my characteristics and that of my work.  I have worked in many mediums: black and white old school photography, metal smithing, stained glass, polymer clay and fiber arts.  My current creations are multimedia assemblages.  I love the quirkiness and inspiration that the medium provides.  By definition the materials are only limited by one’s imagination.  

Here is an analogy that has always influenced my work: In a good black and white photograph you can see color. To me, a good piece of art is more than what is purely visible, it invokes the viewer to see what is present.  Here is some of what is invoked in me as the materials are lending their voices:inspiration,celebration,introspection,provocation,imagination,nostalgia,adventure, whimsy and other worldliness. 

The pieces in this shop are, of course, along the lines of halloween and a creepy/goth quality but I also have an Etsy store of the same name, Impishwhimsy,  where an entire different variety of whimsical items can be found.  Impishwhimsy.


I hope my pieces offer something more than purely visual to you, the viewer.

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