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Creep Baby Studio has everything you need to set the scene for your own haunted house or lovable lair of anguish. Collect all of our creepy Afterlife Accoutrements to go with your favorite Creep Baby Creatures. Check out our spooktacular “creepture” lines below!

Putrid Pumpkins™ – Perfectly putrid little pumpkins, hand grown in our haunted pumpkin patch and then brought to life in our lab with a dash of horror, a pinch of cemetery dirt, a little bog fog, a scoop of scare, some midnight magic and finished off with their own, unique and wicked personalities and festive Halloween spirit, to breathe them to life.

Grim Keeper™ – Even the Dolorific Dealer of Death needs a hug now and then. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just really misunderstood. All that heartache can take a toll on even the most stoic perfectionist. He’s given up snatching souls and is here to snatch your heart instead. Don’t fear Death, embrace it! When through the mist you spy the Reaper, don’t recoil in fear, this one’s a keeper!

Saprobic Skulls™ – Our Grave Digging Gremlins have been hard at work, unearthing the most unearthly treasures so you can bring them home to haunt your home! Muerto Max – Ended with an ax… Caught him by surprise, then the worms ate his eyes.

Carious Candy Corns™ – Our Creepy Confectionists have created a most cariogenic candy, so addictive, that pit in your stomach wont be satisfied with just one! A shelf stable treat that will never expire (again). WARNING this candy may bite back!

Pernicious Potions™ – The tortured souls in our monster lab have bottled up all the magic we use to create our creepy little creatures so you can take them home and make your own mischief.

Menacing Mushrooms™ – The Fungus are among us! Bring one home and set up your own Ghastly Greenhouse. Each Menacing Mushroom™ is sure to delight even the most curmudgeonly calumnus.

Customer Ratings

Baby Jack Skellington – Collectible Sculpture by Creep Baby Studio

Above and beyond expectation ::
October 13, 2020 by Rhonda Greenhalgh

My Baby Jack came to me perfect! Perfectly packaged and displayed, this seller goes above and beyond to make unboxing your new treasure a whole experience. From the pristine care of my hand made sculpture to halloween themed vintage style card with hand written note and extra little pieces of candy...unbelievably excited to receive this box! I LOVE it!! Definitely buying from this seller again...amazing sculptures!

Baby Jack Skellington – Collectible Sculpture by Creep Baby Studio

Love my Baby Jack! ::
September 16, 2020 by ELISABETH WHITNEY

Love my Baby Jack! Creep Baby Studio was super communicative and awesome to buy from !

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