Burton Art Studios is a one person operation in Savage, MN specializing in hand made oddities and curiosities. My mixed media art pieces and masks are one of a kind and created in my workshop. I try to make the best and most affordable work that I can with the finest materials available to me. I am proud of my designs and hope you like them. The workshop is open to the public by appointment only.

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  • One of a kind mummified pixie specimen in 10×10 frame

    Mummified pixie specimen 

    This 6 inch tall mummified fairy with an 8 inch wingspan is mounted with archival quality materials to preserve the delicate remains of the creature. The body has been carefully displayed to showcase the complete and intact skeleton and undamaged wings. While the dry skin has rotted, torn, or been damaged by scavengers exposing bones in some places, the specimen is in remarkable condition. The moss-like hair on the creature’s head retained much of its color and even has small decorative flowers. This fairy was found with no clothing, but sports gold bracelets on its arms and wears a tiny shell on a wire neck ring.

    The specimen is mounted on a metallic gold hand made paper to showcase the colors of its wings and placed in a 10 inch x 10 inch black shadow box frame. comes ready to hang or display on a shelf.

    Signed and dated by the artist, this is a one of a kind work of art.
    Free shipping in continental US.


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