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*Morning Dove is not intended for Children, she is a one of a kind art piece. Please only clean with a soft, dry cloth.She is a large sitting doll, apx 22 inches in width. Exact measurements available upon request.

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Bless their souls, this one is sech a sad tale.

I was a sittin’ in ma kitchen with Mary havin’ a nice cuppa, when they’s a knock on tha back door. Mary opens it ta find this poor, poor woman standin’ there ‘bout ready ta keel o’er.

Said ‘er name was Mornin’ Dove, a right perty name if ya was ta ask me. She was a carryin’ a tiny bundle an’ said it was ‘er papoose. Well I ain’t never heard such a thang, so I took a lil peek an’ could see it were jest a tiny bit o’ baby.

Well I ain’t got ta tell ya, Mornin’ Dove was sick. She was bad sick if I were tellin’ tha truth. Mary took tha baby, an’ I got Mornin’ Dove in ta sit close by tha coal stove ta warm ‘er bones a bit, she was shiverin’ hard ‘nuff ta rattle MY teeth.

We get ‘er comfy with some nice hot an’ nourishin’ soup, an’ Mary fixed ‘er up a hot toddy, an’ slowly in setch a perty accent she began ta tell us what brung ‘er ta ma door.

Said she was from a tribe o’ Indians up north a ways, an’ that they ‘ad been struck with what she called weepin’ faces. Well youngins’ I knowd tha smallpox when I see it. Bless ‘er.

She walked miles ’n miles ta get here an’ at some point, ‘er sweet baby gave up but she wadn’t havin’ it. Said he was jest sleepin’, said she couldn’t go on if’n he was ta be gone. Said she done lost ever’ member o’ ‘er tribe an’ didn’t know what ta do if’n she was tha last one. Ma heart bled fer ‘er. It shore did.

Well, I told ‘er she an’ tha babe could stay o’course. With Mary nursin’ ‘er, she’ll be right as rain afore long. I hope she kin find a forever home. She’s so dear. ‘Er voice is s’soft an’ tha way she talks is almost musical. Ye won’t be sorry if ye decide ta let ‘er move in.

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