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Matilda is apx 18 inches tall, exact measurements available upon request. She is not intended for children. Please clean with a soft, dry cloth and keep out of direct sunlight.

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Beautiful Matilda.

What a life she lived. Too bad she jumped ta ‘er death on ‘er weddin’ day.

See sweet Matilda was fixin ta get married ta ‘er beau, Henry. Henry got called ta serve in tha war ‘o northern aggression. ‘E felt it was ‘is duty, ya see. So off ‘e went. ‘E wrote ta Matilda ever week. Course, times bein’ what they was, ‘is letters didn’t always make it ta ‘is sweet Tilly. So she sat at home a’fearin an’ a’frettin bout ‘is safety. Word bout tha war was plentiful, but ya jest ain’t know’d what ta believe. See, some was jest a’sayin tha boys fightin’ was bein well took care of, lots o’ food ta eat, warm clothes ta wear, an’ whatnot. Still othern was sayin’ how tha boys was jest a’raggedy lookin. No shoes on some o’ ‘em an’ it cold as a spinsters heart. Said how they was pert near starved ta death, an’ jest as gaunt as can be. So poor Matilda ain’t had a clue who ta believe.

Well, fer tha most part, Henry prob’ly was jest fine, cause ‘e was very well off. It ain’t polite ta talk ‘bout what folks got, but let’s jest say ‘e were born inta tha right family. So fer Henry, mostly ‘e was warm an’ fed. They was ALL miserable, see, but a few less so ‘n others.

Now Matilda had ‘er weddin dress all made ‘n ready fer tha big day, an’ Henry swore up ‘n down he’d be home fer it. Said how tha only thing ta keep ‘im from marryin’ ‘is sweet Tilly would be death.

Well. Ya know’d ‘e done jinxed hisself. Kinda.

Matilda took a room at Henry’s fancy hotel (well…it were ‘is Daddy’s but what ever) ‘bout a month a’fore tha weddin, so’s she could direct how things was supposed ta look an’ such. Henry’s folks assurin’ ‘er he’d be home ta marry ‘er, even though no letters’d come fer quite tha long while. She had faith ‘er Henry’d be there.
So tha day come. Matilda got all gussied up in’er weddin dress. ‘Er Ma an’ Pa was long dead from consumption, so she didn’t have no one with ‘er. She really had no one but Henry. Well, she waited fer word that it was time ta go, cause she couldn’t go till Henry was a’ready ta tha church, see. It’s bad luck if’n ‘e were ta catch site o’er. So she paced, an’ walked tha halls on tha tippy top floor o’ that fancy hotel. She stood an’ watched out tha winda’, watchin’ fer them ta come fer ‘er. They ne’er did. Not fer o’er three hours. Well, she know’d they wasn’t comin’ after tha first hour passed. She know’d ‘er Henry musta been killed, cause ‘e promised. After tha SECOND hour passed, she fell inta despair. Took ta cryin’ something awful. Maid said it raised ever’ hair on ‘er head ta hear the wailin’ comin’ from tha top floor. Course tha maid tried ta go check ‘er. Door was locked an’ Matilda ne’er answered. Maid said all she did was sob. Heart breakin’. Matilda cried all she could, an’ when tha tears stopped, she done decided she didn’t wanna live without ‘er love. So she opened tha winda that o’erlooked tha church, an’ flung ‘erself out. Bless ‘er heart. If’n she’d a’waited jest one more hour, she’da found out what was a’takin so long. See Henry sent a telegram ta Matilda tellin’ ‘er he was tryin’ ta make it home, but would be delayed jest a day’r two, cause weren’t no free horses fer him ta take, so he’d have ta walk most o’ tha distance. If’n he’da sent it ta ‘is Daddy, it woulda made it in time ta prevent tha tragedy. See the lad sent ta deliver tha telegram ain’t had a clue who Matilda was, an when ‘e went ta the front desk, tha new man runnin it ain’t had a clue who she was neither. With s’many new employees, it were hard ta get tha mail an’ packages ta the right people. But they couldn’t keep staff, cause o’tha war. So Henry made it ta home, jest in time ta bury ‘is beloved Tilly. Folks say ‘er soul screamed at tha unfairness o’ what happened, and ta this day ya can hear such sobbin’ and wailin’ on tha top floor o’ that fancy hotel, that ya get goose flesh jest walkin’ up tha stairs. Now Matilda ain’t there. She’s here with me an’ the babies. Well…’er body is here. I s’pose ‘er spirit jest might still be there. She ain’t never said a word tha whole time she’s been here. Bless ‘er heart.

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