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*Hera is not intended for children, she is a one of a kind art piece. Please clean with soft, dry cloth. Hera is a large doll, approximately 22 inches tall.

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Darlin lil Hera was unceremoniously dumped on ma doorstep in tha middle o’ one o’ tha coldest days o’ tha year. I’ll tell ya what, some people ain’t worth the work it take to get a glob o’ spit.

Hera is a kind lil gal. She shore does look funny, but the lil lady is a good person deep down.

Well I’m gettin’ ahead o’ m’self, ain’t I?

It was deep in tha winter an’ we was all hunkered down tryin’ ta stay warm, ye see. Mary heard a bang on tha front door. We thought it was likely nothin’ but snow an’ ice fallin’ from tha roof, but we sent one o’ tha youngins ta go peek out tha winda. He come barrelin’ in ta tha kitchen an’ starts prattlin’ on about some girl freezings ta death on tha stoop.

I went an’ opened tha door an’ there was this sweet lil girl. No bag, no coat, no scarf. Jest left ta freeze.

Well let me tell ya, I wanted ta find what kinda monster would do that ta a defenseless child an’ rip their arm off an’ beat em with it till they was bloody. I put ma anger on hold, and bundled the poor lass inta tha kitchen and got her settled by tha stove ta get warm. Mary fixed ‘er some tea an’ went ta get tha tub ta let ‘er have a hot bath by tha fire.

Once we got ‘er warmed up a tetch, she started in on tellin’ us ‘er story.

Turns out she weren’t always lookin’ like she does now. Was only jest recent ‘er skin started inta changin’. Said ‘er Mama ‘ad always told ‘er stories o’ bein’ descended from some fancy Greek Goddess. An’ when lil Hera began maturin’ ‘er body started changin’.

She said how she got mad at ‘er brother fer slippin’ salt inta ‘er cobbler at dinner time, an’ she said all she ken recall is feelin’ boilin’ mad, cause ‘e know’d how she loves cobbler. He set in ta laughin’ at tha face she made when she got a mouth full o’ salt, an’ she turned ta him ta give ‘I’m a good pinch an’ ‘is eyes dern near popped outta ‘is head!

She said he jest froze up like ‘at!

Well it skeered ‘er poor Mama, an’ she jumped up ta shake tha boy an’ she got a look at Hera an’ jest stopped dead. Hera said ‘er Ma froze up with a gasp on ‘er face.

Turns out that fancy goddess they was descended from was a Gorgon, an’ it skipped generations an’ landed smack dab onta darlin’ lil Hera.

Bless ‘er heart, once ‘er Pa saw tha maid freeze up, ‘e refused ta look at Hera an’ told ‘er ta go get in tha carriage, wouldn’t even let ‘er pack a bag.

Tha poor baby ain’t even got a clue if ‘er Mama an’ brother are still froze up, or iffin they come outta it. She refuses ta look at us fer fear we’ll freeze up too. Always casting ‘er perty eyes ta tha side.

I gotta be truthful though, I’m not upset tha youngin won’t look at me.

Either way she has a home here till someone special comes round ta adopt ‘er. Jest be sure ya got mirrors hangin’ in e’ery room ta spot ‘er before ya go chargin’ in there. We found out it works best ta not sneak up on ‘er.

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