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Agnes is not intended for children. She is a one of a kind porcelain doll and should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth and kept out of direct sunlight. Thank  you for looking!

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What can I tell ya about old Hagnes? Oh! I mean Agnes heh heh heh… She first come here ta rent tha old cottage way out in tha woods that’s on ma property. Well I’ll tell ya, at first look, I thought ta goodness she was a mean old bat. I mean for sakes, look at ‘er! But she come in ta set a spell an’ have some tea, an’ saw I was a limpin’ from ma rheumatism an’ said how she could fix me right up. She reached down an’ grabbed a lil bottle offa ‘er belt an’ sprankled a bit o’ whatsit into ma cup an’ tol’ me ta drink up. Well I didn’t wanna be rude, ye see. So I did as she said an’ she looked at me real hard while I drank. Her eyes was jest a piercin’ right through me. Once I put tha cup down an’ she see’d that I drunk it, she relaxed a bit an’ smiled an’ said, “Good, good…I ken trust ye.” Do you know that whate’er was in that there cup made me feel friskier ’n a horney old tom cat yowling’ on tha fence! I felt down right good! I felt like doin’ a jig, an’ I bet ye I coulda! Well o’course I let ‘er move in ta tha cottage. Sweet old lady like that. Says she’ll come ta visit e’er so often ta have us some more tea an’ ta check on me an’ the youngins. Setch a sweet ole lady. Don’t pay no cotton ta tha jealous ole biddies in town what’s sayin she’s a witch. Ye e’er heard setch silliness in all o’ yer days? Some people jest needs ta mind their business an’ hush their gossipy pie holes! If’n yer a mind ta have Agnes come ta stay with ya, jest give us a holler an’ we’ll talk.

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