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What is creepy crafters?

CREEPY CRAFTERS is a niche online marketplace launching in late Summer 2020, catering to artists and crafters who make creepy, handmade art and collectibles. Artisans can sign up for free and easily set up and brand their own shop, then sell to a highly targeted market looking for this specific style of art.

Fans and collectors will delight in being able to shop in one place for such unique Horror and Halloween art and gifts like prints, sculptures, dolls, jewelry, candles, crocheted items, puppets and much, much more!

Questions about Creepy Crafters? Check our FAQ’s below or for more information, please email us at

“We’re so stoked for the Creepy Crafters site to launch!”
Chad Briggs“Looking forward to a dedicated marketplace for all the spooktacularly talented Horror and Halloween Artists and their incredible work in one place.” — L.A.-based artist, Chad Briggs of Creep Baby Studio

Creepy FAQ's

When is the marketplace launching?
Although we have not announced a formal date yet, the marketplace will launch in late Summer 2020.

What fees are associated with selling on the marketplace platform?
It is completely free to sign up for a sellers account. We will not be assessing any listing fees and will not be enforcing free shipping. There will be a 5% commission fee along with a 2.9% + .30 cents merchant processing fee on each transaction.

When do sellers get paid after selling an item?
Our system will be set up to pay the seller at the time a customer makes a purchase.

What can I sell on the marketplace?
As a general overview, most any style of art, crafts, food, music, props, etc. that are handcrafted and fall under the Horror and Halloween genres. Our marketplace is here to support the arts. We will go into greater detail in our Terms and Conditions section of our website when it launches which all artists will need to agree to in order to set up a sellers account. The Creepy Crafters Marketplace holds our vendors responsible to insure against licensing and copyright agreements. Our staff reserves the right at our discretion to reject any product or products that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Will buyers be able to leave reviews after purchasing products?
Yes. Only after someone has purchased a product will they be able to leave a review. We will utilize a 5-star rating system as seen on other websites along with a field for customers to leave comments. We encourage our artisans to provide excellent customer service as this will have a direct effect on one’s ratings, which can play a significant role in future sales and potentially be cause for removal from the marketplace if ratings remain low for a seller on a consistent basis.

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